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March 23, 2007


Man In Black

If I had my way the COT (OGS) would find it's way onto the ESPN Classic program schedule no later than noon on Monday March 26, 2007.

Remember, I'm the guy who continues to have the wacky idea to go back to actual showroom configurations and let the auto designers make or break their respective race cars. The Liberals would probably call me a racist for that type of thinking.

The apologists want an even playing field. Wha! Wha! Wha! What would Oprah do? Before you know it, NASCAR will stop tracking laps and have a drawing at the end of each race to pick a winner...just to make it fair. Oh, and the same driver could only win the drawing once a season so as not to make anyone else feel bad. That way the top 35 in owners points could be a winner once and leave one final race drawing to pick the champion. Of course, that would make it painfully evident that Juan P. Montoya could actually have a chance to win the championship his rookie year. Imagine, if you will, the "babbling on" at an increasingly fevered pitch by rabid racing media types if that were to occur.

Between the Car O Tomorrow, the sanitizing of the races and of course the death of my hero...I don't much give a flying crap what NASCAR does. But the fact remains, the COT is butt ugly and no amount of decals will alter that. It resembles something from the old Soviet Union and in my opinion is yet another huge mistake brought to us courtesy of NASCAR.

This will, no doubt, be the ONLY time Tony Stewart and I will EVER agree on anything but we're spot on together with this one.

Race In Peace, Dale Earnhardt! MIB


This is quite an admition coming from you. I thought #20 was a THUG. If true, would this make you a thuggee, thugger,thuggista, fellow thug? As for Juan Pablo... I am already foaming at the mouth. And to quote #3.."I'm, real sorry 'bout Terry. Ah did't mean ta wreck 'im."

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