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April 30, 2007



I'm tired of the Green, White, Checkered finishes ending in the wrecks like Sunday. Over half the time they don't finish because everyone gets foolish. What about taking a page from the Chase. If you have to go Green, White Checkered keep the top 10-12 cars out. They are the ones with a legitmate chance to win. Clear the other cars off the track. They finish in their current position. Then the remainder run the 2 laps. It would clear the track and maybe with the extra track space the inevitable wreck might be avoided. I know it's radical, but it might work.


You make a great point CarMike. As WE were watching the non-end of the race, several people commented about sitting and watching the race for some four hours only to have to watch, what turned out to be, a time waster. Instead of sitting through the G-W-C, they could have started on the lawn. It would have been as exciting. I like your idea about clearing some of the clutter, but at 'Dega most of the top 20-25 think they can win in a two lap shoot out. So the number is the question.


#4] Absolutely! It's very apparent that something{s} need to be done to stop this absurd and dangerous crap. Cooler policies are one step. I think no cans of any beverage should be allowed in to the stands and beer drinking fans would have to purchase it from vendors from a tap. Will they find some other projectile of choice?? Probably, but without cans the danger of serious injuries would be altered. And harsh penalty warnings...ie; anyone caught throwing objects will be permanetly banned from all NASCAR races, felony charge, mandatory jail time and probation. Imagine a fan from say Wisconsin who got arrested at say Las Vegas and had to serve a year in jail in a Las Vegas lock up miles from home and family. Bottomline..deterrable measures


I can't believe NASCAR has allowed the fans to bring coolers filled with projectiles into the races for as long as they have. NO other sport allows fans to bring anthing into a park/stadium/arena that could be thrown at the players. NASCAR seems to encourage it. Have you ever tried going down a row of fans to get to yor seat and have to traverse the sea of coolers. That in and of itself is a hazard, not to mention the potential lethal weapons inside said coolers.

Want to take a cooler into the race? Join the party in the infield. At least there you would have to have an arm like Joel Zumaya to get your can to the track.


I want the toilet paper concession. I can see it now... stacks of TP, each roll with a different driver's number...I tell ya, it's gonna be big.
I think carmike might be on to something with his idea.


I went to the race two weeks ago and they definitely checked coolers. The problem is they sell cans inside the track. NFL stadiums only sell plastic bottles which is an improvement, although still dangerous. Every other sport also has a last call after the 7th inning or the 3rd quarter. I'm not sure if NASCAR has a policy like this.

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