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April 24, 2007



Would that also mean if Smoke was "there" for every interview opportunity no matter the time, place or situation and he said something that tweaked the sensibilities of someone he gets a free pass from being excoriated?

The point being, in general I agree, but I also try to look at their side and how they are hounded continuously and have a mic stuffed into their face.

The reality is, what are the fans going to learn. Just another spiel that includes 10 sponsor mentions, "the #08 was tight, we worked on it and then it was loose."

"It just wasn't our day, we'll get'em next week."


mixed feelings.... What would have we heard? So perhaps it was in everyone's best interest...but responsibilty!! oh well... it's minor in comparison to some other continuing NASCAR saga's... and can Tony really learn something from Gordon? Apparently Espn's Newton thinks so!!


There is a difference between private time and public time. The post-race interview with the top three finishers is not private time. It's unofficial NASCAR tradition. If Tony or Aric Amirola (I'm probably mis-spelling, sorry Aric)want to decline interviews with third rate radio shows - fine. I understand. They are hounded - and paid huge money for the inconvience. Sure the answers to the same old questions become canned. That alone should cut down the number of requests - kinda like natural selection, darwinism. If they give bad interviews, they will get fewer requests.... and smaller contracts.
BTW marc, we used one of your comments on the "Fast Lap" questions last night on the show. You added nicely to the debate. Thanks for jumping in.


Hey racefan57, you too made the show last night with a "Fast Lap" comment. We really appreciate your time. Intelligent commentary drives the debates. Thanks.
I don't listen to too many post-race chats. I agree that you already know what you're going to hear. I don't watch the pre=race parades either. But there is value for me in tradition and it's not that hard to stand there and pimp your sponsor one last time for the day.


okay Charlie..I'm with you on pimping the sponsors one last time and tradition always has it's place, afterall what would a race be without the "command" or the flyover...I suppose I am just partial to Smoke especially over J. Gordon and an article I read yesterday by ESPN's David Newton got my dander up. I checked out The Fast Lap and the radio station...very cool!! Does the show broadcast over the web? Toledo is a bit far from Lake George!!

charlie turner

Thank you very much. The show is available at Racetalkradio.com. They rebroadcast our show on Thursday nights from 7 to 9pm ET. Shows are then archived there for about 4 weeks. We do not archive all of our old shows here or at onpitrow.com as a courtesy to our network radio stations, some of whom broadcast ON PIT ROW on a delay. If you get the time please check out the show. I'm biased. But I think it's pretty good and a little different than most of the NASCAR shows out there. Thanks again, and Newton fired me up too.


"BTW marc, we used one of your comments."

I'll have to see if I can catch the show to see what you used.

Your repeat air time would be at 7am-9am Friday morning here.

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