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April 25, 2007


robert bourne

Interesting idea for the Busch series and one that I have bounced around in my head..I fashioned it after the Aussie V8 supercar series which thanks to speed I have become a fan of


Emmm... lets see:

The Doublemint Twins 125's?

The Jenna & Barbara Bush Twin 125's?

The Ann Landers/Abigail Van Buren Twin 125's brought to you by Dr. Phil?

The Mario/Aldo Andretti Twin 125's?

I gotta million of'em!

Anyway, the introduction of the CoT will go a long way towards giving the Wal-Mart Grand National Series (my guess) a new ID.

I have nothing to base this on but I think the 2009/2010 season you will see the pony cars running in the series. The Mustang, Challenger and Camaro will all be on the street by then.

Another option is sched more stand alone events. However in an effort to "rope in" a younger crowd sched the event with the Formula D series.

Adding a Drifting event the day before would give track owners to couple ticket sales to both events.

And note Kasey Kahne has already made a Drifting appearance at one of their events.


I know I'm dating myself again Marc, but how about the Cynthia Myers Twin 125s. Has a nice tie in to your Formula D dual, also.

We have discussed the pony car idea and perhaps the Grand National Car of Tomorrow will be built with that body shape in mind. I like it. And another possible link to a touring car format.


"Dating myself?"

You are a very lonely fella!


Have you seen the movie "Drift Away"? It's on HBO this week...street drifting in Tokyo, some very wild stunts!! And "dating myself" .. for an older guy I found it quite entertaining and I would attend a live event. Put the Pony cars in the Drift event and the Grand National and call it the "Drifting Pony Dual Twin 125's"


Great stuff Charlie...I think all FranceCar races are too long. Your idea to reinvent the wheel, no pun, in the BGN series is brilliant!

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