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October 15, 2007


robert bourne

1-Tony needs to get off the non chase drivers thing...

2 Using the rules as they are written are part of the game...The Woods Brothers have taken advantage..If nacar doesn't like it change the rule...


4- it will be tough but can be done..the way things have gone who knows who will get caught by the chase gremlin next..

I was down at Toledo yesterday..great show... I wandered around hoping to meet up with Charlie but ened up talking with Phil Parsons...a fine fellow but a lesser substitute for Charlie..oh well maybe next time...


The Buzz:
Not yet, but it looks like is headed that way, although I think Jimmie Johnson's season last year was about as textbook of a storybook season as you can get.

Hot Laps:
1) Tony is over reacting. Everyone is out there to win a race and no one is more 'special' than another during a race - unless your boss comes on the radio and tells you not to wreck your team mate. Racing is racing, if NASCAR wanted the Chasers to be 'special', then they would have put them in their own race with no other cars on the track. I'm going to write about this Tony thing tonight.

2) Abuse? You call it abuse? I call it rape! Retire with dignity and get out at the end, or after the Daytona 500. MWR does not deserve what he is doing for them, unless of course they are paying him a ton of cash to do it, which wouldn't surprise me.

3) I'm going to play Devil's Advocate on this one. If Geico is so deserving of a series sponsorship, then why didn't they step up to the plate and put in an offer that would have shut Nationwide down? NASCAR is about the greenbacks, and they wouldn't have turned down a better offer unless it was from a Tobacco company or the Taliban.

4) There is a chance they will, and I think Jimmie might get there, but I think Clint needs a little help - maybe he should get Menard to focus his attention on Jeff rather than Tony (heh).


"Buzz on Pit Row" Question: Yes ... when he just up and wins like that at a nemesis track of his such as Charlotte, that's when you know he can just do no wrong.

1. Tony's probably overreacting a little in regards to the "non-Chase" drivers, but let's not pretend that he's the only one that gets on this kick when incidents like this happen. It's pretty much the norm for any driver IN the Chase.

2. Just like "4ever3" said ... it's absolute rape of the system. It's not his fault, though, just simply a glitch in the NASCAR system. I'm not that bothered by it.

3. I think NASCAR typically - at the least - attempt to think their sponsorship decisions out. However, I could have told you from the get-go that signing Nextel as the premier series' primary sponsor was ludicrous, and Sprint's not much more of a step in the right direction, either. As for Nationwide, that decision's fine by me. Besides, I see enough "Caveman" commercials anyway without adding twenty more every Saturday night.

4. Jimmy can do it, but I don't think he will. Clint's in way over his head with this year's Chase.

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