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January 30, 2008



I like the idea that you are moving to a new location and hopefully that you don't have to buy alot for considering typepad is pricey, but you might want to consider buying a .com too.

Think about, no more asking people to change their bookmarks and all of the traffic is now going to have to adjust, feed included, may be worth looking into and no i'm selling anything, however I say this from experience as I am blogger too with my own .com.

Just a thought.


Thanks for the advice Racedriven. We've actually owned and used onpitrow.com for a few years. This Typepad blog was started because the web host that we had chosen for onpitrow.com didn't have very good blogging software and I didn't know any better way to do what I wanted to do - blog about NASCAR and our radio show. Typepad is a fine platform and I was reluctant to move the blog, but we needed to bring everything under the onpitrow.com domain. The change will be a bit of a hassle and we will likely lose some traffic in the short run, but I believe the new site is so good, that the work will be worth it. Thanks a lot for the comment.


Actually, RSS will be the easy part.

As long as the url bookmarked in your feed reader is through Feedburner, there won't need to be any change. :)

Feedburner is pretty slick like that. :)

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