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January 21, 2008



Fast Laps

1) Yes! NASCAR isn't like the NHL or the NFL where the twilight of your career is about age 40.

2) It may seem like it, but I don;t think so, but every governing body in pro sports does rely on their stars to carry them through tough times.

3) For last year, yes. For this year, hmmm ... they will do better, but take over the sport? No. Although they will do better than Dodge. It all boils down to a Roush/Fenway vs Hendrick vs Gibbs vs GEM (maybe Ganassi instead of GEM, I must give it more thought) battle this year. The majority of wins this year will come from these racing stables - not all, but most and Toyota will not run away with it unless Hendrick leaves Chevy and joins them, which won't happen.

4) Wallace of course!


1. No... I've got a post up with stats that show it's not the "youngsters" that have been the problem that last few years. In fact, aby Busch, who has raised more than a few fans ire was only 12th in crashes his rookie year. The top three that year were all over 20 years of age.

2. No what give you that idea?

3. So, what happens if Toyota "takes over" the sport? Nothing, they just like Roush who was supposed to "ruin" the sport when he placed 5 in the Chase will have "their" day and then someone will knock them off the top. Same goes for the current tun Hendrick is having.

4. Huh!


1. I had to think a lot about this one. First reaction was no, but then I thought it will really step up the competition in Nationwide if the younger guys had to stay there longer. That would be a good thing.
2. No the idea is ridiculous
3. I think that Toyota will be a competitive team, and I hope to see my guys who driver Toyotas win, but I don't think they will "take over the sport."
4 Herman the German
Note to marc, been following your debate on Poole's blog. Go get 'em!


1. It's fine with me, just like the NBA minimum age boosted college hoops last year.

2. No, but he will save us from the ugly, mutant guys.

3. Toyota will improve, but won't eclipse the sport. Cup is a lot different than the Trucks.

4. Wallace, based on his ability to formulate an intelligent sentence. Bonus points for being related to Lauren.

Tim Zaegel

1. Yes, I believe the Sprint Cup Series should have a minimum age requirement of 21. Especially if guys like Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch are going to be the faces for alcohol products.

2. I don't really think so. He definitely hasn't been bad for business, but I think if they really want to keep ratings up, they need to figure out how to keep Johnson & Gordon from putting us to sleep.

3. No, Toyota's never going to "take over" NASCAR. I do believe, however, that they will show remarkable improvement this season with the addition of JGR to the fold, and their program will be competitive overall within the next 2-3 years.

4. Jimmy Spencer ... mainly because I like seeing him fight.

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